The most recycled material in the country isn’t aluminum cans or newspapers… it’s asphalt.

Every day hundreds of miles of hot mix asphalt is milled from the surface of roads, ground into marble-size lumps and reused as part of new hot mix asphalt production.

According to a report by the Federal Highway Administration, 80% of the asphalt pavement that is removed during widening and resurfacing is being reused each year. This statistic compares with 60% of aluminum cans, 56% of newsprint, 37% of plastic soft drink bottles, 31% for glass bottles, and 23% for magazines.

There are hundreds of thousands of miles of hot mix asphalt highways and roads across America. We’ve learned to do it right!

Asphalt – It never grows old. It can always be recycled and used again.

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Visit which provides detailed information on the asphalt industry, its products, its operations and issues. This is a great site for community leaders, private citizens, teachers and students seeking more information.