patchingProper attention to cracks will prevent problems from spreading and can double the life of your pavement. We provide a wide range of patching services from skin patching to full-depth repair, including sub-grade and base repair. This could include potholes, alligatored areas, and utility cuts, just to name a few. Quality patching jobs include cutting the area around the patch–not just throwing asphalt into the hole. From a liability standpoint, damaged parking lots can cause trip hazards or costly car repairs.

Removing failed and broken concrete or asphalt and replacing with new, hot bituminous asphalt will enhance the overall presentation of your business. We can saw cut the bad area, remove it, repair the damaged base, and patch it back. If you are not sure what kind of a repair is needed, our team is in place to help.

The following conditions point to a need for some level of preventative asphalt maintenance:

  • Formation of voids under the pavement surface
  • Swelling or shrinking of sub-base materials
  • Consolidation of sub-base material
  • Frost or freeze-thaw conditions can create pot holes
  • Grade depressions, which allow standing water on the pavement surface
  • Alligatored areas, these are interconnecting cracks formed in a series of blocks that often resemble an alligator’s skin

We will provide you with a quality repair and ensure that your project becomes our project. Martin Paving Company is a ”Full Service” Asphalt Contractor.